Wednesday, February 9, 2011

#021 - Emitown and Hideous Energy

We talk A LOT in this episode, about all kinds of weird and disgusting shit, but also about some interesting and awesome things. This is basically our formula for doing the podcast. Tweet us (@hideousenergy) and let us know what you think about the length of this episode. Email us over in Visit and talk on our forums. Also, check us out on iTunes. That place is awesome.

• Intro - It all ends up with knitting. True. Also, awkward tales of meeting.
• Topic Thunder - The Superbowl happened. We watched it. This is kind of about comics?
• Interview - Emi Lenox, the author/illustrator of "Emitown" talks to us! Check out her blog here, and pick up her book published by Image Comics. Thanks to Emi!
• Top 5 - Characters Who Would Rule Ass At Karaoke, and the Song They'd Sing Best (Suggested by Liz Suburbia)!
• Outro - More talking, this time of the farewell kind.

David Hopkins and Austin Wilson love doing this. They really do. Caleb Schmreen stops by, and we have fun with him, like always. This episode is 1:59:56 long; holy shit. If you've got some time on your hands, go download us on iTunes. We'll ramble while you do something else you're trying to forget you're doing.

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