Wednesday, August 10, 2011

#046 - Our Business Ain't Usual

Episode #046 shows what happens when people sponsor us. The result? Nothing too different. Chatter at us on Twitter. Email with either Top 5 suggestions, or anything at all. Facebook lets us all be friends together forever. Fanoff lets you download our shows too! Tumblr is the New Museum. Comic Booked lets Austin post things, and also posts our show. They're nice and awesome! What iTunes has is all of our episodes. Go there! Quickly. Also, look out for our new format, wherein we post interviews the Friday following our Wednesday shows. This week, Marvel Executive Editor and Senior VP of Publishing Tom Brevoort!

Episode #046:
• Intro - Welcome to the new world! We are now officially sponsored by Discount Comic Book Services! As you can see, very little has changed.
• Topic Thunder - Movie pictures everywhere; and Brian Michael Bendis may think you're childish? Maybe? It all depends.
• You Should Read This - The boys discuss "Promethea" by Alan Moore and J.H. Williams III, and "The Batman: Nine Lives" by Dean Motter and Michael Lark!
• Top 5 - Discarded/Unused Superhero Catch Phrases. These are gross, mostly.
• Outro - Again, you see that very little has changed. Thanks again to DCBS!

David Hopkins and Austin Wilson love comics probably as equally as they love each other. This show runs 1:11:58, and is the first step toward us taking more steps. Oh yeah. Get the show from Fan Off, or listen to us on iTunes, then smile.

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