Wednesday, September 19, 2012

#099 - The SPX 2012 Show!

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Episode #99:

• Intro - Bethesda, Maryland welcomes us to Small Press Expo 2012! Road show baby! Thank you DCBS for making it possible.
• Small Press Expo 2012 - We went there. We handed out minicomics. We talk about that, and all the awesome people we met, including a Hideous Energy listener we drove 9 hours to meet! HOLY SHIT.
• Untitled Mail Segment - We read your emails and listen to your calls. Email us at and call us at 1-720-HIDEOUS.
• Outro - Suicide ghosts? We're dead. But we always loved you.

Please go check out the final entry to the Tate/Williams Fucktastrophe of '98 over on Super Cute. We are so proud of it.

Go check out our webcomic with Brent Hibbard, Super Cute ( Download more Hideous Energy episodes through iTunes or

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