Friday, November 16, 2012

The Dean Haspiel Interview!

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• Interview - We got the awesome opportunity to interview Emmy Award winning cartoonist Dean Haspiel! We met Dean at Small Press Expo 2012, and were instantly energized by all of his positivity and love of comics.

Dean is a part of Trip City, a site dedicated to showcasing amazing art of all forms, including original comics. Dean is the artist for Harvey Pekar's The Quitter; The Alcoholic, written by Jonathan Ames; Cuba: My Revolution, written by Inverna Lockpez; is the creator of Billy Dogma; a character in the HBO series "Bored To Death" is loosely based on Dean, and he won an Emmy for his design and involvement with the opening credits of the show. Dean writes articles on Trip City, as well as essays and short autobio pieces, and you should check them all out. Follow him on Twitter, and follow Trip City as well. Thanks to our sponsors DCBS, where I bought every one of the books mentioned above that Dean illustrated.

We also do a webcomic with Brent Hibbard, called Super Cute ( Download more Hideous Energy episodes through iTunes or

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