Friday, January 25, 2013

The Darren G. Davis Interview!

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• Thanks to our sponsor DCBS; go check out their site, and their insane discounts. We sit down with CEO/Founder/President/Publisher of Bluewater Productions Darren G. Davis to discuss his career from beginning to now, which covers his time working for E! Entertainment, the USA network, Lions Gate Entertainment, Wizard magazine, Avatar comics, and so much more.

Darren is so amazingly candid and forthcoming with answers to questions that deal with Bluewater Productions' reputation within the comic book industry, along with personal topics that have obviously affected him deeply.

There have been accusations that Bluewater Productions has hired creators in the past and failed to pay them; we discuss this in-depth.

Darren also graciously spoke to us about being HIV positive, and addressed some myths and misunderstandings of the disease, and what it's like to live with it in today's society.

We appreciate Darren's candid talk, and hope you enjoy the discussion.

Check out Bluewater Productions for information on upcoming releases.

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