Wednesday, September 30, 2015

#247 - Comics Journalism

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Ep. #247 - Comics Journalism

• Intro - Our sponsors DCBS offer comics and comics-related objects for 20% - 40% off, including plenty of comics that are also journalism. Check it out. Warning: One or more comics creators may want to charge you money to sign their comics. Here.

• Topic Thunder - After reading various tweets, small blog posts, and yes even some articles, we began wondering about the state of comics journalism. Controversies surrounding writers Brian Wood and Nathan Edmondson helped to contribute to this. A post by Sarah Horrocks highlighted the internet's willingness to hop on the shaming train, which also sparked our curiosity as to how this could be curbed.

We researched, through reading and short interviews with creators, the topic of comics journalism. By reaching out to creators and other professionals in the comics field we gathered quotes from cartoonist Liz Suburbia, an anonymous comics professional, and artist David Marquez aimed at highlighting the failures and successes of journalism within the world of comics, along with possible reasons for the current state of writing about comics. In the course of the discussion with the anonymous comics professional, Janelle Asselin was brought up, and an article related to that topic can be read here.

All opinions presented in this podcast are the representation of the speaker themselves, and no one else. We are dedicated to protecting anonymous sources, and will do so going forward when the situation arises. Any responses, opinions, or objections should be emailed to

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