Wednesday, October 14, 2015

#249 - We Love DC (Sort Of)!

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Ep. #249 - We Love DC (Sort Of)!

• Intro - Whether you're actually elitist or not, we accuse ourselves of being elitist, so maybe you can sympathize? Our sponsors DCBS offer comics and comics-related objects for 20% - 40%, and there are plenty of versions of 52 you can go purchase. It's worth your time, trust us.

• Topic Thunder, Sort Of! - David has a shit load of Criterion movies, and hasn't even watched them all; Barry Allen and the origin that was and/or wasn't maybe changed; DC's crimes against humanity; DC's wonderful and exalted gifts, varied and plentiful; what makes us love DC? And a tiny little rundown of the single issues we've read recently.

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