Wednesday, July 20, 2011

#043 - The Supernaturals: Ghost Crotches and Explosions

Another step closer to #050, and a huge leap into the weird world of dick jokes. Go forth and tweet at us on Twitter. Please email us through Facebook needs your numbers, as do we. Fanoff lets us hang out, so show them you care! Tumblr is magnificent. Comic Booked is another place we hang out, and it's cool there. Now and always, iTunes is there for us. Go be there for them, by downloading us.

Episode 43:
• Intro - Ghost dicks. Surely there was more talked about, but this sticks out so easily. Ugh. Boner puns.
• Topic Thunder - IDW is maybe gaining fans while they maybe alienate some; "Avengers" and "Amazing Spider-Man" teasers make David speak gibberish; Superman dresses like a weird-ass, and hates marriage; DC will publish 1,216 pages in December, after they do it in September too; and finally, reboot? Oh no, relaunch.
• Top 5 - Things That Look Cooler With Explosions In the Background
• The Listen Bitches - David picks "Little Secrets" by Passion Pit; Caleb picks "I Don't Mind It" by Screaming Females; and Austin picks "Fire It Up" by Modest Mouse.

David Hopkins and Austin Wilson could give you a thesis about ghost dicks. Caleb Schmreen probably could too, but we'd most likely make fun of his for a bit, then discuss it with him seriously. This show runs 2:03:21, and took our grossness into the supernatural realm. Listen to us on iTunes and wonder what that weird feeling is.

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