Wednesday, July 27, 2011

#044 - Accuracy and Truth (The Finally Final Destination)

Episode #044 arrives and is chock full of information from San Diego Comic Con. We weren't there, exactly. Chatter at us on Twitter. Shoot us an email through Facebook really wants you to click the "Like" button. Fanoff is a great place to chill! Tumblr is gorgeous and pretty. Comic Booked is totally awesome, so hop over there and show some love. What you can do is download us on iTunes. It will be so much fun.

Episode 44:
• Intro - The magic and art that is the "Final Destination" films. Thank you, Devon Sawa.
• Topic Thunder - A huge list of stuff from Comic Con International in San Diego gets us talking for a long time. Catch up on what caught our eyes!
• The Listen Bitches - Austin picks "That Time" by Regina Spektor, and David Picks "In the Waiting Line" by Zero 7. Also, we talk about friendship pacts.

David Hopkins and Austin Wilson are constantly making friendship pacts, you just don't hear most of them. This show runs 1:36:41, and has some hints about what's in store for you. Get the show from Fan Off here, or Listen to us on iTunes and then smile and talk about it.

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