Wednesday, October 5, 2011

#053 - We're Mean and Andy Kirby Is Nice

Titling this episode was a very delicate process. We were presented with so many options, some compliments of our special guest Andy Kirby, and some generated out of our own fetid mind-swamps. Go check out Andy Kirby on the Marvel 616 podcast, follow them on Twitter and Facebook! They're cool guys, with cleaner vocabularies than Austin's was when he was in Kindergarten. Please read our own webcomic, which now has the ability for you to comment and be nice to us! Go to Twitter, it is waiting. Email and the circle will be complete. Facebook really, seriously needs you to click like for us and Super Cute. Fanoff will never leave us, right? Tumblr needs love too. Comic Booked has so much stuff for you to enjoy, including us. Your day won't be over until you download us and subscribe to the show through iTunes!

Episode #053:
• Intro - Skunky and Kankwar. After that we regain our senses and discuss Discount Comic Book Services and only make a couple of outrageous claims about their services. Go check them out!
• Topic Thunder - Image invades the digital world; Patton Oswalt hates DC and having fun with them (maybe?); a new Batman cartoon dares to be completely awful sounding; Marvel announces some new movie titles; and Dan Didio crushes the dreams of us ever reading a book called "The Crisis Crisis."
• Comic Peeps - We chat with Andy Kirby about his love for comics, and how and when he came to them. We only say weird or gross things a few times in this segment, so your family can probably listen. The rest though? Probably might need to screen those first.
• Vampires and Magicians - An attempt at an intro turned into us talking about vampire sex and their dead/undead physiology; also, magicians and books about them.
• Top 5 - Insult Book Titles - Suggested by fan Alex Warn! This one is his and David's fault.

David Hopkins and Austin Wilson have said a lot of gross things. Sometimes they record them, most of the time not. This time Andy Kirby joined in on the gross fun. This show runs 1:36:00. Go read the newest Super Cute comic, then subscribe to us through iTunes. Enter funny joke about subscribe versus prescribe here.

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