Wednesday, October 26, 2011

#056 - Your Hair Is Already Dead (Try To Sleep Now)

Is there someone out there you love enough to purchase some of their hair? Or any of their body? These are the kinds of things we discuss on our show, and also Super Cute, our webcomic. Tweet us whose hair you'd purchase through Twitter. Or yeah, email it to us at You could even go to Facebook for us and Super Cute. Fanoff has lots of people whose hair you could maybe buy. Tumblr has art, not hair, but is there really that big of a difference? Comic Booked is only now developing a way to keep their hair from being stolen and sold on the black market. Please. Go subscribe to us through iTunes. We won't try to sell our hair if you do.

Episode #056:
• Intro -  David and Austin briefly switch brains, then talk about Discount Comic Book Services.
• Topic Thunder - The new Batman game gets discussed A LOT; a third season of "The Walking Dead" is already guaranteed; Marvel hates its employees?; Ed Brubaker will write a movie; and someone is going to own Jerry Siegel's hair, and that person isn't Jerry Siegel.
• Wizard World - Mid-Ohio: David attended Mid-Ohio con, and we discuss it and how kids are the future. Also, Perry, if you're reading/listening to this, give us a shout. You're awesome.
• Outro - See ya' 'round.

David Hopkins and Austin Wilson would probably keep some of each others' hair. Austin's bald though. They would find a way around this. Episode #056 runs 1:31:28. Please read our webcomic Super Cute, and please download more Hideous Energy episodes through iTunes or


  1. The audio on your site slows it down. That's really 1999, I'm surprised you don't have a buttload of flash gifs as well. ;)

    Great podcasts even if your website sucks.


  2. Hahaha, we should totally reinvest the thousands of dollars we make doing this into getting a website other than this free blogspot one.

    The Fan Off page runs nice and smooooooth. Also, iTunes has us for absolutely free!


  3. Oh, and thanks for listening!