Wednesday, December 14, 2011

#063 - It's a Debate and Slap Fight Kinda' Day

Oh boy, you get misogyny and confetti and waving brown bears and slap fights! Listen and you will also feel like you're being hit by confetti! Go read our webcomic with Brent Hibbard! The name of the comic is Super Cute. Twitter has over 5,000 tweets by us. Yes. Write to us through and you will most likely get mentioned on-air.  Facebook has both us and Super Cute. Fanoff are gorgeous human beings. Tumblr just looks so good. Comic Booked holds us up when we feel as if we can't go on. Check out our exclusive content over on Why Not Indie? You can download MP3s of us from Fan Off and also through iTunes!

Episode #063:
• Intro -  Celebrating our idiosyncrasies, as we do Discount Comic Book Services!
• Topic Thunder -Brian K. Vaughan hates David because he's a negative jerk; J. Michael Straczynski and Stephen Wacker have a slap fight; and Bleeding Cool predicts the future that Mark Millar kind of predicts? We talk about that. It's better than it sounds.
• Read 'Em (it) and Weep - We discuss the first issue of "The Defenders" by Matt Fraction and the family Dodson. Theeeeennnn...we talk more about it. We talk about it a lot.
• Outro - Come baaaaaaaaaa...

David Hopkins and Austin Wilson could seriously argue about anything. This episode runs 1:37:08. Please read our webcomic, Super Cute ( Download more Hideous Energy episodes through iTunes or and throw confetti into your own face.

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