Friday, December 16, 2011

The Becky Cloonan Interview!

Whatever time it is, right now Becky Cloonan is drawing. If you haven't heard of her or seen her work, then it is a good possibility you can't see or hear. We were very lucky to get an interview with her, and here it is! Tell us who you want us to interview (or try to) on our Twitter. Please read our webcomic with artist Brent Hibbard; the name of the comic is Super Cute. Facebook will let you show your friends and family (fake or real) that you like us! Fan Off has us and other podcasts, so go there! Tumblr thinks you are, just, so pretty. Comic Booked also has us and other podcasts, so again, go there. You can download this and other interviews through iTunes, as well as through Fan Off! Thank you for listening.

We talk with Becky Cloonan about where she was born and why she chose said place as her birthplace; she gives her opinion on the women in comics debate, and talks about how the Tokyopop shutdown affected her. After all of that we discuss fingernail soup, her desire to be a soulless killing machine, and how she sees herself as Peter Lorre.

Go check out her blog, Ink and Thunder, and follow her on Twitter. Most importantly though, swing by her online shop and pick up a copy of Wolves, or anything else she is selling. She's a fantastic artist and a cool person, so you should double-support her art! Thanks to Becky for taking the time to talk to us, and you for listening!

Movie versions of Austin Wilson and David Hopkins would probably be played by Sinead O'connor and Cybil Shepard, respectively. This interview runs 1:04:24 and will make you smile. Please give our other shows and interviews a listen, and check out our webcomic!


  1. Any way I can download this as an mp3, or do you only do streaming releases?

  2. You can download MP3s on iTunes and by going to - which leads you to Fan Off, one of our podcast networks.

    Thanks for listening!