Wednesday, March 2, 2011

#024 - Notes On Prom and Not Playing

In this episode you have dancing (or the lack thereof), and plenty of not playing. It will all make more sense once you listen. Tell us about the secret messages you hear between our words on Twitter (@HideousEnergy). Email cryptic communiqu├ęs through Definitely use Facebook to keep in touch with us daily, and go yammer on our forums on Now, with iTunes, you can talk to yourself about how wrong our opinions are.

• Intro - Christianity and underage drinking; de-friending people; aaaaannnnddd prom.
• You Should Read This - A sort of new segment, this time with fan interaction with Seth Breedlove! We talk about books that you should read.
• Top 5 - Movies That Have Nothing To Do With Comics, But Should Be Comics!
• Outro - Batman and his psyche; a seriously in-depth discussion about Batman and his relationships. No shit. Thanks.

David Hopkins and Austin Wilson have a friend named Caleb Schmreen, and he's here on this episode too. They all don't play. This episode runs 1:57:47 long. We kept it under two hours. Download us, so you can listen to this episode in ten minute bursts.


  1. Apparently it pays to mention your show at COMICON. I told Emi Lenox that I liked the banner she did for you guys, and she just gave me the original sketch right out of her notebook.

  2. Wow, that's cool. We might have to wrassle you for that one.