Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Eerily Accurate - Muppet Life

We're taking a brief week off to get some things in order for our 25th show. We are quite freaking excited, so stay tuned and see what we have up our sleeve.

In lieu of a show this week, however, we present you with this totally righteous picture by Liz Suburbia. This is her idea of what it looks like when we record the show. It actually isn't this cool, because neither David nor I have a rocking-ass James Spader poster. Thanks to Liz Suburbia, yet again, for being one of the coolest people out there. We recently got a chance to read her comic zine "Cyanide Milkshake #2," and it's a blast of fun and and awesome things. There are humans with new heads, zombie apocalypse sex, crazy advertisements; reading it is sort of like flipping through the really cool channels in your brain. Thanks again to Liz (who we usually just call Suburbia)!

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