Wednesday, March 30, 2011

#027 - The Biggest Parade On the Internet

If you're here then you're into parades. This isn't as odd as it sounds, but rather a completely relevant reference to you enjoying this weird thing we do every week. Twitter will help you understand your love of our parade(@HideousEnergy), or hey, email us with ideas for Top Fives, or even just to tell us what we're doing right or wrong over at Facebook lets you look at us in another digital way. Talk to us on, through the forums; we can have a discussion, yes sir. Our Tumblr account will show you what we're looking at, and let you look at it too. Most importantly though, download us on iTunes and take us out into the world with you. If you are listening to us in some place awesome (this could be ANYWHERE) send us a photo of the awesomeness taking place. We'll totally show it to everyone.

Episode 27:
• Intro - Parades. Sheesh.
• You Should Read This - David cheats and picks something you can't even read, and Austin plays by the rules; they take turns pretending to be James Dean and Jimmy Stewart.

• The Listen Bitches - This week you receive four songs that are guiding our minds and bodies through their respective dance moves. Enjoy the emotional ride everyone!

David  Hopkins and Austin Wilson have huge amounts of passion for a ton of things. They love talking about them all. You're looking at a 1:04:58 show this week. The episode is somewhat light on comics, but we're steadily digesting everything we bought at C2E2, so expect a giant explosion of arguments/discussions about who likes what book more than the other person. Please tell anyone who might care, to care about us! You guys rock.

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