Wednesday, April 13, 2011

#029 - Ernest Has a Fever-Induced Breakdown

If you've ever had a fever and thought your body was crawling away from you, then you know what it's like to listen to Hideous Energy.  It's another week of insane mutterings! Let us know what you think about them through Twitter. Please oh please email us at; we love goofy shit. Facebook is there, yeah yeah, go look at it. Better yet, go to and check out our forums. Our Tumblr account proves we're not afraid of pretty things. Comic Booked also puts our nuttiness into the air through their site and their iTunes feed, so go there too! The most important thing you can do, ever, is download us on iTunes and tell someone about us. There are so many ways to listen to us it's insane not to.

Episode 29:
• Intro - David hallucinates this show into existence; Ernest P. Worrell and his universe is discussed.
• Read 'Em and Weep -Two issues of Invincible (#77 & #78), by Robert Kirkman and Ryan Ottley are discussed (sort of), and Nonplayer #1 by Nate Simpson!
• Tweet Storm - On the first edition of Tweet Storm we talk about a Twitter discussion had by @GailSimone, @IvanBrandon, and @bclaymoore. These are their Twitter handles. Check 'em out!
• Top 5 - Characters Who Were Dicks In High School (suggested by Wesley Couch).
• The Listen Bitches - We give you four songs. They were given to us once. The Circle of Life.

David Hopkins and Austin Wilson indulge in the finer things in life. They sip their cough syrup. It's how you know they're serious. This show runs 1:14:41. If the show isn't downloaded from iTunes, then the Mayans were right, and we're doomed.

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