Wednesday, April 20, 2011

#030 - Ultimately (Bear Noise)

Joined by guest host Caleb Schmreen, the Hideous Energy boys talk about all kinds of comics this week. They love them. Say succinct things at us through Twitter. Say longer things to us through Facebook lets you spy on us, kind has forums, which are like digital pool halls. Our Tumblr account will light up your life. Comic Booked likes us, so go like them! Downloading us on iTunes will literally complete your life.

Episode 30:
• Intro - The infinite battle rages on. There are toads involved.
• Topic Thunder - Spider-Man might not be Spider-Man any more: Tokyopop might as well add another "o" to their name, hah! And Joseph Gordon Levitt is going to be in a movie.
• Read 'Em and Weep - Ultimate Spider-Man #157, and Infinite Vacation #2.
• The Listen Bitches - Three more songs to groove to. Groove. Grooving.

David Hopkins and Austin Wilson . This show runs 1:39:24 and preceded a dance party breaking out. You know what would make us dance even more? If you downloaded us from iTunes, and told other people about us. Yeah!

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