Wednesday, April 6, 2011

#028 - Farewell to Alter Ego Comic Cast, and Hello To New Ears!

This might be your first time here, and if so, welcome! We're Hideous Energy (David Hopkins and Austin Wilson), and we talk about comics, mostly, but also plenty of other stuff. Not all of our shows are this long, but they tend to be longer. To find out more about us, hop on Twitter (@HideousEnergy), email us for any reason through Facebook is another way to talk to/about us. Go to, where we have forums for longer form discussions. Our Tumblr account is dedicated to gorgeous art, mostly, but you never know what we'll put on there. We are now available through Comic Booked, so run over to that place and check us and other shows out. Definitely download us on iTunes. We want to be with you. Everywhere.

Episode 28:
• Intro - We say an official farewell to the Alter Ego Comic Cast, and then talk about other things.
• Read 'Em and Weep - Detective Comics #875 and Walking Dead #84 (SPOILERS; and surprise, we give incorrect information about the numbering of these issues)
• C2E2: the Reviews - We discuss three books we have read that were purchased at C2E2, and this is a small portion of our giant truckload of purchases.
• Top 5 - Spin-offs We'd Love To See: Schmreen stops by for this segment, and fun is had.

David Hopkins and Austin Wilson dance like no one is watching all the time. Most of the time there is actually no one watching. This show runs 1:53:49. It's long. And go check us out on Fan-Off and Comic Booked. See ya' soon!

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  1. looking forward to the show as every week, i do like the music part of the show as well different take on format very cool!!