Wednesday, June 8, 2011

#037 - Dr. Catholic and Tuxedo Carl Argue and Discuss

DC is living it up, making sure they are the top news item on every comic reader's list. We are some of those comic readers. Tell us about comic continuity we've either rewritten or bastardized on Twitter. If 140 characters aren't enough, there's always Facebook is some kind of social network monster; help us fight it. Fanoff is a great place, so hop over there and check it out. Tumblr shows you what we're looking at. Comic Booked knows you're there; they know. Downloading us on iTunes is like giving us a gift. We love gifts.

Episode 37:
• Intro - Is Purgatory a punishment, or just kind of a benign waiting room? Yeah.
• Topic Thunder - DC made even more announcements, this time about more number ones and their creative teams. We talk about them for a long time; Jeff Lemire joins the ranks of comic creators who have movies; and the X-Men are kind of good.
• Top 5 - DC Number Ones They Haven't Announced Yet

David Hopkins and Austin Wilson might end up in purgatory, but if so, they'll be together. They can argue about things there. This show runs 1:40:19 and has it all; religion, arguments about incorrect continuity, and then more arguments about Willy Wonka/Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Please download us on iTunes, and tell someone you know about us. We love doing this!

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