Wednesday, June 15, 2011

#038 - Seriously Insane and Insanely Serious

We dive into some topics and have deep discussions about them. We also talk about transforming into things, like Kafka, but ya' know...Hideous Energy. Talk directly to us, wherever we are via Twitter. Pretend you're mailing us a letter using the Pony Express through Facebook is like talking to us through a bunch of other people; it's a game of Telephone! Fanoff hosts our show, and other shows, and they are all there to be listened to. Tumblr is pretty. Comic Booked is a place for sounds to be enjoyed. What you should really do is download us on iTunes. Then talk about us.

Episode 38:
• Intro - Kafka could've used some pointers from David; Schmreen talks to us about Purgatory; and search engines?
• Topic Thunder - Paolo Rivera made amazing art happen, and it makes us want to punch Hitler; a "Beasts of Burden" movie; and DC's female creators are missing! Help us find them! Let us know your opinions about the DC relaunch and the role female creators will play. It is a very interesting topic that needs to be looked at closer.
• Read 'Em and Weep - Invincible #80, by Robert Kirkman and Ryan Ottley.

David Hopkins and Austin Wilson use their thinking muscles, and then quickly run away from that weird feeling. Caleb Schmreen joins in the fun. This show runs 1:22:44 and teeters on the precipice between contemplative and crazy. If you like what you hear then hop over to iTunes. We're there. Visit us.

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