Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Gantz: A Feel Good Story

Dark Horse Comics isn't exactly known for pushing the envelope when it comes to mature content, but there is one title under the publisher's name that can be said to do just that, although it doesn't originally hail from Dark Horse.

"Gantz" is a manga that has 27 volumes published in Japan, and is only now bleeding into American pop-culture thanks to Dark Horse. Not only is there an anime of the manga, but they are now venturing into the realm of the silver screen, as the live-action film is under way currently. Here, thanks to Topless Robot, is a freaking awesome picture from the set. I doubt they'll be able to achieve ALL of the nudity the book has in it, or ALL of the violence, but we can count on some of both making it onto Japanese screens, and then eventually onto American computers.


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