Wednesday, March 30, 2011

#027 - The Biggest Parade On the Internet

If you're here then you're into parades. This isn't as odd as it sounds, but rather a completely relevant reference to you enjoying this weird thing we do every week. Twitter will help you understand your love of our parade(@HideousEnergy), or hey, email us with ideas for Top Fives, or even just to tell us what we're doing right or wrong over at Facebook lets you look at us in another digital way. Talk to us on, through the forums; we can have a discussion, yes sir. Our Tumblr account will show you what we're looking at, and let you look at it too. Most importantly though, download us on iTunes and take us out into the world with you. If you are listening to us in some place awesome (this could be ANYWHERE) send us a photo of the awesomeness taking place. We'll totally show it to everyone.

Episode 27:
• Intro - Parades. Sheesh.
• You Should Read This - David cheats and picks something you can't even read, and Austin plays by the rules; they take turns pretending to be James Dean and Jimmy Stewart.

• The Listen Bitches - This week you receive four songs that are guiding our minds and bodies through their respective dance moves. Enjoy the emotional ride everyone!

David  Hopkins and Austin Wilson have huge amounts of passion for a ton of things. They love talking about them all. You're looking at a 1:04:58 show this week. The episode is somewhat light on comics, but we're steadily digesting everything we bought at C2E2, so expect a giant explosion of arguments/discussions about who likes what book more than the other person. Please tell anyone who might care, to care about us! You guys rock.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

#026 - Hideous Energy V. C2E2

We recap some things that happened to us at C2E2, and manage to use what little energy we have left to do the rest of the show. Next week we will be normal humans again. Twitter is the new way to love each other(@HideousEnergy), or express your slight enjoyment of us through the old-fashioned Facebook is your new phone; this isn't as confusing as you think. Talk to us on, through the forums; we will talk to you, hooo boy. Our Tumblr account is filled with pictures of great things. Download us on iTunes. It'll make you feel great.

Episode 26:
• Intro - Lawsuits and discussion about made up last names; also, reminding everyone of stupid shit we've said in the past.
• C2E2 - It's like a nerdy marathon. The arrogant Ghostbusters were there.
• Listen Bitches - Again we run through three songs that you should listen to, and talk about why we like them. You'll have to listen to find out what they are though! We are the Listen Bitches!
• Outro - A special composition by Dr. Sean Hulse and David C. Hopkins; composed in the 6 a.m. Amtrak Recording Studio.

David  Hopkins and Austin Wilson might end up being music moguls. Caleb Schmreen is their friend, and he'll probably be there too. This episode runs 1:32:25, and is a diary of our time at a con, but is nowhere near all of the information we consumed there. Look for a blog post by Austin trying to take what's in his head and make it into words. If you like us, pass the word on. Thanks!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

#025.2 - The Doug Jones Experience

In this very special episode of Hideous Energy, we talk to actor Doug Jones, star of such great movies as "Pan's Labyrinth," "Hellboy," "Hellboy 2: The Golden Army," "Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer," "Hocus Pocus," and even "Batman Returns." Doug stopped by to chat with us about his career, and we ended up talking about his life. They do intersect, but they are also two different things; it was a great interview. Our Skype-to-Skype connection had some troubles, so we eventually switched over to a phone conversation; please stick it out through the bad parts. Trust us, it's worth it.

Thanks again to Doug for stopping by! He's amazing, so check his work out.

#025.1 - Reministalgia: A Good Thing

This 25th episode comes at you with some special stuff. First, to celebrate recording 25 shows, we split the episode in two, and that means you get twice the Hideous Energy this week. Second, we bare our freaking souls. This sounds painful - and is, slightly - but also kind of cool. Oh, also, third: we did an interview with actor Doug Jones!! That's Hideous Energy #025.2. Listen to us talk about our childhoods, and also our interview with Doug Jones!! Tell us about the things you've let go of on Twitter (@HideousEnergy), or send us detailed histories of your lost loves through our email,  Talk to us on Facebook where we are always having fun. Talk to us on, through the forums, where we debate things with typed words. Oh, oh, also, we have a Tumblr now. Go there, it's awesome! Most of all, download us on iTunes. Thanks for listening.

Episode 25.1:
• Intro - Anniversaries; more discussion about cutting yourself (don't do it, by the way); gratitude; and ohhh boy some discussion about "Sandman" and our head-dreams.
• Reministalgia - TMNT; Star Wars; wrestling, movies; life. It's all in there.
• Listen Bitches - We each list a song that we connect with, and talk about why. (GRAMMAR NOTE: "Listen" is used as an adjective here; We are the Listen Bitches.)

David Hopkins and Austin Wilson and Caleb Schmreen talk and talk and talk. If you listen, thank you. They appreciate you taking your time to visit in on their weird world. The first half of this anniversary episode runs 1:27:20. It's got emotions. Please download it and pass it along.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Eerily Accurate - Muppet Life

We're taking a brief week off to get some things in order for our 25th show. We are quite freaking excited, so stay tuned and see what we have up our sleeve.

In lieu of a show this week, however, we present you with this totally righteous picture by Liz Suburbia. This is her idea of what it looks like when we record the show. It actually isn't this cool, because neither David nor I have a rocking-ass James Spader poster. Thanks to Liz Suburbia, yet again, for being one of the coolest people out there. We recently got a chance to read her comic zine "Cyanide Milkshake #2," and it's a blast of fun and and awesome things. There are humans with new heads, zombie apocalypse sex, crazy advertisements; reading it is sort of like flipping through the really cool channels in your brain. Thanks again to Liz (who we usually just call Suburbia)!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

#024 - Notes On Prom and Not Playing

In this episode you have dancing (or the lack thereof), and plenty of not playing. It will all make more sense once you listen. Tell us about the secret messages you hear between our words on Twitter (@HideousEnergy). Email cryptic communiqués through Definitely use Facebook to keep in touch with us daily, and go yammer on our forums on Now, with iTunes, you can talk to yourself about how wrong our opinions are.

• Intro - Christianity and underage drinking; de-friending people; aaaaannnnddd prom.
• You Should Read This - A sort of new segment, this time with fan interaction with Seth Breedlove! We talk about books that you should read.
• Top 5 - Movies That Have Nothing To Do With Comics, But Should Be Comics!
• Outro - Batman and his psyche; a seriously in-depth discussion about Batman and his relationships. No shit. Thanks.

David Hopkins and Austin Wilson have a friend named Caleb Schmreen, and he's here on this episode too. They all don't play. This episode runs 1:57:47 long. We kept it under two hours. Download us, so you can listen to this episode in ten minute bursts.