Wednesday, January 26, 2011

#019 - Business As Usual (Read: Spice Girls Are Discussed)

The nineteenth episode delivers yet more commentary on news! We talk about the stuff you're talking about too, and we generally talk pretty much just like you do! Ask us how/why we are so weird on Twitter (hideousenergy), Facebook, or through email at was generous enough to host a forum for us, so go over there and make them realize it was good idea. Download us at iTunes, and maybe even leave a comment about us there.

Episode 19:
• Intro - Marriage is a beautiful thing; our favorite Spice Girls; and that might be it, I think.
• Topic Thunder - The Human Torch, we knew ye well; Wizard/Toyfare; Christopher Nolan is spoiling us all.
• Couch Change - There are always things to buy. Please buy them. Go here and get Katie Cook's "Fuck You, Box!" It's great.
• Top 5 - Comics That Should Have Lavish Musicals (featuring guest star Emergy Peck)! This was suggested by fan Seth Breedlove. Thanks Seth. You rock.
• Outro - We say goodbye quickly.

David Hopkins and Austin Wilson know they can't dance, but sometimes they do it anyway. This episode is 55:04 long; it is a sprint, rather than a marathon, of dumbness. Download this show on iTunes, and let our voices either lull you to sleep, or make you so crazy you talk to your lamps!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

#018 - Life Intrudes Briefly, Then Comics!

Somehow, by some odd mechanism of the universe, this is episode 18 and we didn't make any tobacco jokes. Weird. We do have odd conversations about things that aren't comics though. How do you feel about that? Let us know by using a thing called Twitter (hideousenergy), Facebook, or email us at You could also talk to us on on our forum, or download the show on iTunes. It will keep you comfortable whenever you are cold and lonesome.

Episode 18:
• Intro -Young people, 9/11 (seriously), and...wait...what? (NOTE: there are no jokes about 9/11 here)
• Topic Thunder - The Green Hornet makes green a wrong color; X-Men whatever; pictures of people in costumes; and graphic novels made by people who make other things!
• Read 'Em and Weep - "Second Chances," We talk about books that we originally didn't like too much, but then, did.
• Outro -A very long outro with discussions about high school.

David Hopkins and Austin Wilson promise they won't be serious in every episode.This episode is 1:37:48 long, and spans the entire gamut of human emotions and experiences. Download this show on iTunes, and reminisce with us from the comfort of your car, or the closet you hide in to escape from the world.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

#017 - Members of Planet Earth

On this week's episode of Hideous Energy the guys figure out that they are tiny members of a gigantic planet. It's somewhat obvious, but hard to grasp occasionally. Tell them what this means to you on Twitter (hideousenergy), Facebook, and email them at More importantly, download their show on iTunes, and jump over to and talk to the guys on the forum. They love talking. Obviously.

Episode 17:
• Intro - The smell of Tauntaun innards; international love; and really dark discussions of suicide.
• Topic Thunder -Alan Moore and his beard; DC loves Grant Morrison and Geoff Johns; and who the hell knows what else?
• Read 'Em and Weep - Who Is Jake Ellis? and Sweet Tooth! Some punctuation added for emphasis.
• Top 5 - Normal Things We Would Love To See Alan Moore Do.
• Outro - Auf Wiedersehn; language discussions;

David Hopkins and Austin Wilson are flying kites and eating Cinnabons; they are not playing Ultimate Frisbee. This episode runs 1:10:27, and is filled with a lot of awkwardness. Swing by and our forums, and definitely download us on iTunes. Now. We dance.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

#016 - A Birthday Rambling

 NOTE: Quetzalcoatl art by Dan Staten

For Christmas we got a brand new title card by Liz Suburbia (go check out "Sacred Heart"). She definitely captured our mindset and feel with this title card, and we can't thank her enough. Tell us what you think about it, and the show, on Twitter (hideousenergy), maybe on Facebook, or how about in the email box? Stop by and visit our forum. We will talk about a lot of stuff, yeah! You can download us on iTunes, as well.

Episode 16:
• Intro - 2012 and Quetzalcoatl, and his (hers? its?) connections to Dragonball Z and/or pterodactyls; more Liz Suburbia; and some disgusting alternate titles for the show.
• Topic Thunder - DC pricing, and our mental wanderings; Axel Alonso is named Editor-In-Chief of Marvel, and Joe Quesada is made Chief Creative Officer; we manage to talk about a ton of other stuff in the midst of this.
• David's Birthday List - We run down every comic David got for his birthday (and a little for Christmas, I think); it goes here, there, and everywhere; this segment is set in the year ElephantSymbol, taking place in Taco Germany. Also, here is that Darwyn Cooke "Parker" portfolio.

• Outro - No other birthdays left. This isn't as dramatic as it sounds.

David Hopkins and Austin Wilson both have obsessive compulsive tendencies, and it's pretty obvious when you look at the evidence. This show runs 1:26:31, and doesn't have a Top 5, but does have plenty of talk about afterbirth and Christmas stories. Check out and our forums, and download us on iTunes. We need you. In a good way though.