Monday, September 6, 2010


Sometimes you have to yell it like that. Because the art makes you. Because it's so good. And really, art can be good for a number of reasons, a huge list of factors that are unique to every person. Surely some of my reasons behind my opinions might cross over and match up with any number of readers/viewers out there, but I love that they won't always.

Here recently I got into writer/artist Brandon Graham, who is most famous for a book he did called "King City." It's a freak-fest of a fun time where there are people called "Cat Masters" who utilize one of the deadliest weapons on the planet: cats. These people can use cats to do anything by injecting them with specialized serums. Anything.

Sadly the book is in some form of limbo since the original six issues were published as a volume through Tokyopop, and are now being re-published through Image. I've tried to order the comics through Diamond Distributors, but found they only have issues two, five, and ten in stock. Yeah, so it's a battle to read these things right now. Hopefully after Graham finishes the twelve issue run Image will publish a new collection, and it will be easier to read this awesome series. For now though, here's a poster Graham did for the back of the last issue.

King City Poster

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