Wednesday, October 19, 2011

#055 - Our Existential Crisis

There is a very certain character arc to this episode. We start out feeling normal, and end up questioning our very existence at the end. Read things that are similar to this show on our webcomic. Show Twitter some love. Email and talk to us whenever, at your leisure. Facebook has us and Super Cute. Fanoff will help you quit whatever you need to, cold turkey. Tumblr shines and shimmers. Comic Booked would totally pick us for their kickball team. Subscribing to us through iTunes means you don't really have to do too much to get us each week.

Episode #055:
• Intro -  Candles and voodoo and Discount Comic Book Services.
• Topic Thunder - The Walking Dead TV show premieres to huge numbers, but is maybe not as good as the numbers say; New York Comic Con pulled in some huge numbers, and also announced a bunch of stuff. We talk about a few of the announcements.
• Top 5(s) - We do two separate Top Fives this week. First, Verbs or Nouns That Would Make Good Superhero Names. Second, Stupid or Useless Super Powers.
• The Listen Bitches - Austin picks "God Killed the Queen" by Louis XIV, and David picks "Zero" by Smashing Pumpkins. Oh yeah, we also get completely into our own shit, and talk about whether or not we're immature (we are), but also about how much we love comics and how serious we take things. It is interesting?

David Hopkins and Austin Wilson know who they are, and wonder if other people do too. This show runs 1:37:14. Go check out Super Cute! Please download our other episodes and spread the word about how reliable we are about teetering back and forth between normalcy and absolute insane weirdness.

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