Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Kelly Thompson Discussion

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Brought to you by Discount Comic Book Services, we have a discussion with writer Kelly Thompson about Wonder Woman #7 by Brian Azzarello and Cliff Chiang, along with the representation of females in comics and other media. Specifically we discuss her She Has No Head! article recently posted on Comics Should Be Good. We also talk about her contribution to the Womanthology anthology, and her in-progress and completed novels! It was a ton of fun talking with her, and we think it generated a very interesting conversation about gender and the perception/portrayal of females in comics. Thanks to Kelly for stopping by and being awesome.

Here's a brief bit of her bio, copy and pasted from her website so I don't have to create a bunch of hyperlinks. Yeah, lazy! You can find her in all of these places...

"Kelly writes a weekly column called She Has No Head! for CBR’s Comics Should Be Good and runs a comics podcast called 3 Chicks Review Comics.  Kelly also reviews comics for Comic Book Resources and is a regular contributor to the television review blog The Best Shows You’re Not Watching.  Kelly has several other projects in various stages of development and hopes to take over the world quite soon."

We are quite sure she will be taking over the world, so adjust accordingly.

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  1. Hey guys - just finished listening - great cast. Although whenever I'm a guest on someone else's show I realize what a jabberjaw I am - have to get a handle on that! Anyway, thanks again for having me on, I had a blast.


  2. Awesome, guys! Really liked it.

  3. This was great! You guys had a really funny, thoughtful discussion, and I could have listened to you go for another 2 hours.