Friday, October 5, 2012

The Jesse Lonergan Interview!

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• Interview - Cartoonist Jesse Lonergan joins us for the companion interview to our 100th episode. We met Jesse at Small Press Expo 2012, and immediately fell in love with his art (and him, dawww).

Jesse is currently in the middle of his Dancer a Day Tumblr, where he draws a different character in the midst of that most human of emotions, dance. Swing over to his blog for more art, like that crazy battle royale picture up there, as well as some free comics! We got the opportunity to read All Star #1, a mini-comic that will eventually be incorporated into a graphic novel. From what we've read it looks to be a touching tale of friendship and family, with touches of comedy and baseball action; just like life, yo. Thanks to our sponsors DCBS for supporting the show, and making it possible for us to go to SPX and thus meet Jesse. Everybody sing: THE CIRCLE OF LIFE, AND IT MOVES US ALL.

Go check out Jesse's stuff. You won't regret it.

We also do a webcomic with Brent Hibbard, called Super Cute ( Download more Hideous Energy episodes through iTunes or

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