Thursday, April 11, 2013

6 Barrel Shotgun for $1

A mini-comic Austin wrote is up for sale via Gumroad. It's only $1, but you can pay more if you so choose.
It's called 6 Barrel Shotgun, and was illustrated by Logan Faerber, and lettered by David.
A wild action ride starring the antihero Crater Fury and her Combustion Falcon, named Righteous, we see Crater chasing the aliens Kive and Okk, who have been cutting a swathe of destruction across the American west. Give the comic a read to see Crater and Righteous chase after justice.
Gumroad Link ----> 6 Barrel Shotgun
Prepare yourself for more comics from us here at Hideous Energy. No joke, some of the forthcoming projects are dreams come true. No, you know what, ALL OF THEM ARE.

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