Thursday, January 9, 2014

#163 - Nihilism and You

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Ep. #163 - Nihilism and You

• Intro - We (Austin) are confused about calendars, and then say outrageously gross things (Austin). The Muppets are leaders in offensive material, and we follow their lead wonderfully. Thanks to our sponsors DCBS, who give you at least 40% off everything on their website and love you no matter what, even if you have a gross obsession with muppets.

• Topic Thunder - Iron Fist will have a new ongoing series completely created by Kaare Andrews; Star Wars comics are going to Marvel, so insert whatever your reaction is here.

• You Should Read This - David chooses McSweeney's #13, a comic anthology edited by Chris Ware; Austin chooses Desolation Jones by Warren Ellis and JH Williams III.

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