Wednesday, April 30, 2014

#178 - 2FAST 2C2E2

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Ep. #178 - 2FAST 2C2E2

• Pre-Intro - Because we forgot to mention this, and David had to do it himself. He talks about the Kickstarter campaign for Fearless Future, a science-fiction comic anthology featuring a TON of creators, including stories lettered by David in volume 1, and a comic written by Austin in the forthcoming volume 2! Please donate if you can spare some cash, and get some rad comics by a ton of different creators.
• Intro - C2E2 happened and it filled us with awesome food and awesome comics, but did not change our general nature as disgusting weirdoes. Thanks to DCBS for loving us (tolerating us), and as a sign of good faith in their unconditional love go buy comics for 20-40% off. Their site has them. The comics.
• Topic Thunder - We comment on news released at C2E2. It's not reporting the news, it's totally different than that. 
• Top 5 - The Top 5 Inanimate and/or Sentient Objects We Would Love to Brawl. Pretty surprising this one made it to air.

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