Wednesday, May 14, 2014

#180 - Fish Picture

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Ep. #180 - Fish Picture

• Intro - The Fearless Future anthology's Kickstarter campaign (now with a retailer option) is drawing to a close. Our sponsors DCBS offer comics at a discount of 20-40% through their website, and that's pretty nuts.
• Read 'Em and Weep - Starlight #3 by Mark Millar & Goran Parlov; The Wake #8 by Scott Snyder & Sean Murphy; Caliban #2 by Garth Ennis & Facundo Percio; Iron Fist: The Living Weapon #2 by Kaare Andrews; Original Sin #1 by Jason Aaron & Mike Deodato; Cyclops #1 by Greg Rucka & Russell Dauterman; Moon Knight #3 by Warren Ellis & Declan Shalvey; Turok: Dinosaur Hunter #4 by Greg Pak & Mirko Colak; and Miles Morales: The Ultimate Spider-Man #1 by Brian Michael Bendis & David Marquez 
• You Should Read This - Austin picks Adventure Time Vol. 1 by Ryan North, Shelli Paroline, & Braden Lamb, and David picks Andre The Giant: Life and Legend by Box Brown. Check back on Friday for our interview with Box Brown!

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