Friday, September 19, 2014

The SPX 2013 Show!

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The SPX 2014 Show!

• Intro - We traveled to the Small Press Expo, and were basically able to do so because of our sponsors Discount Comic Book Services (DCBS)! They offer everything on their website for between 20 and 40% off, which is a crazy deal.

• SPX - The con turned 20 this year and continued the tradition of gathering a huge amount of talent and passion in a room, then taking all of our money. We talk about a TON of people in this episode, and most of them are going to be tagged on Twitter, if we can find them. Thanks to SPX for having us, it is literally one of the kindest and most accepting cons a comic fan can attend.

Here are some of the people we bought comics/art from:

Liz Prince
Eleanor Davis
Jesse Lonergan
Dorchak Bloch
Maré Odomo (print from Telegraph Gallery)
François Vigneault
Claire Connelly
...and more!

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