Friday, October 3, 2014

#200 - Our 200th Episode Ever

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Ep. #200 - Our 200th Episode Ever

• Intro - Thank you so much to our sponsors DCBS for allowing us to do even more with this weird weekly show about comics (and other stuff). Our intro is mostly about horror movies but please know we are outrageously proud to be at episode 200, and thankful for anyone who listens, has listened, or will listen. The show means a lot to us, so if it means anything to you trust us, that is a unique experience we won't soon forget.

• The Cinnamen - The writer of The Joyners In 3-D R.J. Ryan swings by to chat with us about from 1996? He sure as hell does. We talk about The Whole Wide World, the story of writer Robert E. Howard and Novalyne Price Ellis, their emotional relationship, Howard's writing style and possible mental illness, and all kinds of stuff. Oh, including The Adventures of Two Gun Bob!

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