Wednesday, April 29, 2015

#227 - The C2E2 2015 Show!

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Ep. #227 - The C2E2 2015 Show!

• Intro - Listener voicemail leads us to chat about things we wish didn't exist. It's not as awful as it sounds, I think. Thank you to our sponsors DCBS for their sponsorship, which allows us to go to conventions and experience a bunch of cool things. Their website has everything on sale between for between 20 and 40% off.

• C2E2 - We visited Chicago for the Comics and Entertainment Expo, and there were a ton of amazing comics. We run down the things we bought, and chat with cartoonist Daniel Warren Johnson about his short comic Green Leader, which is GREAT. He'll have copies of that comic at Alleycat Comics for Free Comic Book Day! Thank you to C2E2, all of the great creators we met, bought comics from, and interacted with. It was a great con, as usual.

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