Wednesday, August 5, 2015

#240 - GenCon, Edara, and Spoons

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Ep. #240 - GenCon, Edara, and Spoons

• Intro - Seriously, we talked for 15 minutes about recording a show like we were DOGS, and specifically how long we could go through with it before we broke down. Make sure you swing by Eerie, Intl. over on FanOff, a brand new horror themed podcast hosted by David, Andi, and Dave! Go to DCBS where comics are between 20% and 40% off. They have it all!

• GenCon! - David and I (and his wife) went to GenCon in Indianapolis, bought games and looked at games and dice. Today we chat about the con and more with Ryan Schoon, head writer of Edara, a Steampunk Renaissance, the tabletop RPG available to purchase and play. If you're interested in creating your own tabletop game, or getting into the tabletop gaming world at all, give the interview a listen!

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