Saturday, December 12, 2015

#257 - Costumed Shenanigans

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Ep. #257 - Costumed Shenanigans

• Intro - EVERY SINGLE HELLBOY BOOK IS 45% OFF, but the sale will end soon, so stop reading and GO.
• Holy crap, Dave Marquez stops by to talk about the just-announced Civil War II with Brian Michael Bendis! Then we discuss the Iron Fist TV news, random stuff we've read recently, and the Bret Easton Ellis podcast.
• We break the locks and kick down the doors back into CLUB BOOK! This week, we continue our multi-part discussion of Mike Mignola's magnum opus, Hellboy! So kick back with volume 7, The Troll Witch and Others, and listen to us talk about what works, what doesn't (the answer to that is that everything works), and why Hellboy is the single greatest comic book of all time.

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