Tuesday, April 13, 2010

It's Wednesday - 02

What books - yes, plural - should you be looking out for this Wednesday? The two I'm most excited for are:

Doc Savage

That's "Doc Savage" number one, written by Paul Malmont and illustrated by Howard Porter. This is a sort of tie-in to the recently launched "First Wave" title, which features Doc Savage and a slew of other pulp heroes of yesteryear. I'm interested to see if the action is ratcheted up for this issue, or if it's filled with just as much setup as the first issue of "First Wave" was. I'm guessing it will read a little quicker, simply due to there being less characters to worry about. Not that Doc Savage doesn't have a huge cast; all those guys behind him are his sidekicks and/or supporting characters. Chalk this one up as interesting, but somewhat scary.



"The Unwritten" has continued to please me, despite riding the line of breaking the fourth wall and becoming meta. Although I am definitely not reading each issue with apprehension, waiting for the book to disappoint me, that possibility is always there. Maybe it's there for every book though, so the specifics become somewhat muddled. Anyway, this book is still great, and issue twelve looks to be no different.

Featuring art by newcomers Kurt Huggins and Zelda Devon, this issue is a standalone story, which gives it the potential to be somewhat bittersweet. It won't be too directly addressing the main storyline running through "The Unwritten," but it has the potential to be as entertaining as the standalone issue we received about Rudyard Kipling (issue five), which has been one of my favorite issues so far. Check out more of the art on the Vertigo Blog, and then go buy these!

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  1. The Unwritten is absolutely one of the best books out right now. Such a fun and intelligent read