Wednesday, December 8, 2010

#013 - Top Fiiiiiiiiiiiives

UPDATE: iTunes is fixed! Go download the shows!

Every day cannot possibly be the same as the one that came before, and the one that has yet to happen, right? Well we are here to try and make sure that we don't get bored...with ourselves. I'd like to say that's the impetus behind why we did this episode, but really, it was basically a casual decision. What does all of this mean? Hoooo boy. Talk to us on Twitter, Facebook, and

Episode 13:
• Intro: Lots of discussion about Deacon Frost, masochists, and Top 5 lists.

Top 5 - We bring you a show of nothing but Top 5 lists! What are you in store for? Here, look.
               1. Baby Names Influenced By Comics (Suggested by a fan!)
               2. Comics That Would Make Amazing Video Games
               3. Characters Who Should Join the UFC
               4. Awesome - But Probably Impossible - Comic Characters Making Cameos In Other Properties
               5. Worst Ways Villains Could Destroy the Planet

• Couch Change: We cut to the chase, directly. Whooooo holy shit this show is long.
• Outro: We'll see you again?

David Hopkins and Austin Wilson are both recovering, still, from recording this show. Caleb Green is too, he guest stars on the insanity here. A show that runs 1:43:06 could maybe kill you. Please visit and click on forums, and talk to us. There's a Top 5 on this show that was suggested by a fan! That could be you! Finally, please be patient with iTunes. We are trying. So hard.

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