Wednesday, December 15, 2010

#014 - Liz Suburbia Hangs Out With Us On the Phone

So what all gets mentioned on this episode? Prison, Harry Potter sex, body counts, more sex, lots of cussing, and a tiny little bit of serious discussion. You can discuss all of these things with us on Twitter (hideousenergy), Facebook, and Go over to and hop onto our forum. We've already done a Top 5 based on a fan's suggestion, and it accidentally made us go nuts. Who knows, you could do that to us too! Download us on iTunes, too.

Episode 14:
• Intro: Fatboy Slim via Daft Punk; Kanye West; pregnant heads and other gross things; and drunk Tweets!
• Topic Thunder - Thor has a questionable accent, maybe; Jon Favreau has another job, don't worry; and the internet makes people say dumb shit. Obviously.
• Interview: Comic artist/writer Liz Suburbia. We talk to her about her webcomic "Sacred Heart," then all decorum and pretense that we're doing an interview falls away; we end up just hanging out with her over the phone. It was fun as shit.
• Outro: Nikola Tesla. That's how you know it's a normal show.

David Hopkins and Austin Wilson love comics. It's simple. Talking to Liz Suburbia was a ton of fun, and she is awesome all around. Go read "Sacred Heart," and swing by her LiveJournal. Thanks to Liz for her time and rockingness. This show runs 1:36:04, and is mostly dedicated to us just hanging with Liz Suburbia. Check out and our forums, and download us on iTunes. Thanks! NOTE: Art by Liz Suburbia, from her LiveJournal.

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  1. Another Solid show. And people out here call me anything but Bryan. Daggett is a popular one.