Wednesday, February 23, 2011

#022 - The Tattoo and Food Episode

Lifelong decisions are made, and then we talk about food a couple times after this. If you're into this kind of thing, tweet at us on Twitter (@HideousEnergy) and we'll talk to you. We do it every day with all kinds of cool people. Email us before we lose our minds - Become a fan on Facebook, and check out our forums on All of this is a way for you to show that you are nuts and probably always will be. Downloading us on iTunes confirms it, irrevocably.

• Intro - We are rebels. Can't nobody hold us down.
• Topic Thunder -Strange things are coming in May; Lee Bermejo does a ton more work; Marian Churchland designs a fake video game for a comic she's writing; Spider-Man, and David's love; some trailer for a movie about X-Men.
• Top 5 - Keys We Would Want To Exist (and further info on them); suggested by Daniel Sanchez!
• Outro -We talk our way through a goodbye, and discuss that awesome title card Emi Lenox drew!

David Hopkins and Austin Wilson apparently want to turn a lot of stuff into food. This episode is 54:31 long, and has plenty of reasons for you to go eat something. Download this and other episodes on iTunes. You can hear us be normal now, and next week.

1 comment:

  1. I was cracking up in the car!!! I love the fight over Spider-Man's Web shooters!!

    Quickly becoming one of my favorite podcasts.