Wednesday, February 23, 2011

#023 - Sarah Oleksyk and "Ivy"

It is a double-posting day! You get two episodes, this one with way too many references to Justin Bieber. What do you think Bieber has to do with us? Tell us on Twitter (@HideousEnergy). Email us your own personal manifesto through Use Facebook to suggest things at us, and go peep our forums on The key to having us with you always is iTunes. Use it.

• Intro -Animal noises.
• Topic Thunder - Everyone, including us, is talking about the Dead Island trailer, DC wants to fire all of its writers; and Iron Man 3 is really a sequel to The Monster Squad.
• Interview - Sarah Oleksyk, the writer/illustrator of "Ivy" for OniPress stops by. We talk and have a grand ol' time.
• Top 5 - People Who Would Have Awesome Journal Comics
• Outro - Walking and talking. It ain't no thang.

David Hopkins and Austin Wilson do stuff like this even when there aren't microphones around. They aren't afraid to argue about who likes something more than the other person. This episode is 1:33:50 long. Just Bieber loves it. Download us on iTunes. You will love yourself for doing so.

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