Wednesday, March 16, 2011

#025.1 - Reministalgia: A Good Thing

This 25th episode comes at you with some special stuff. First, to celebrate recording 25 shows, we split the episode in two, and that means you get twice the Hideous Energy this week. Second, we bare our freaking souls. This sounds painful - and is, slightly - but also kind of cool. Oh, also, third: we did an interview with actor Doug Jones!! That's Hideous Energy #025.2. Listen to us talk about our childhoods, and also our interview with Doug Jones!! Tell us about the things you've let go of on Twitter (@HideousEnergy), or send us detailed histories of your lost loves through our email,  Talk to us on Facebook where we are always having fun. Talk to us on, through the forums, where we debate things with typed words. Oh, oh, also, we have a Tumblr now. Go there, it's awesome! Most of all, download us on iTunes. Thanks for listening.

Episode 25.1:
• Intro - Anniversaries; more discussion about cutting yourself (don't do it, by the way); gratitude; and ohhh boy some discussion about "Sandman" and our head-dreams.
• Reministalgia - TMNT; Star Wars; wrestling, movies; life. It's all in there.
• Listen Bitches - We each list a song that we connect with, and talk about why. (GRAMMAR NOTE: "Listen" is used as an adjective here; We are the Listen Bitches.)

David Hopkins and Austin Wilson and Caleb Schmreen talk and talk and talk. If you listen, thank you. They appreciate you taking your time to visit in on their weird world. The first half of this anniversary episode runs 1:27:20. It's got emotions. Please download it and pass it along.

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