Wednesday, March 23, 2011

#026 - Hideous Energy V. C2E2

We recap some things that happened to us at C2E2, and manage to use what little energy we have left to do the rest of the show. Next week we will be normal humans again. Twitter is the new way to love each other(@HideousEnergy), or express your slight enjoyment of us through the old-fashioned Facebook is your new phone; this isn't as confusing as you think. Talk to us on, through the forums; we will talk to you, hooo boy. Our Tumblr account is filled with pictures of great things. Download us on iTunes. It'll make you feel great.

Episode 26:
• Intro - Lawsuits and discussion about made up last names; also, reminding everyone of stupid shit we've said in the past.
• C2E2 - It's like a nerdy marathon. The arrogant Ghostbusters were there.
• Listen Bitches - Again we run through three songs that you should listen to, and talk about why we like them. You'll have to listen to find out what they are though! We are the Listen Bitches!
• Outro - A special composition by Dr. Sean Hulse and David C. Hopkins; composed in the 6 a.m. Amtrak Recording Studio.

David  Hopkins and Austin Wilson might end up being music moguls. Caleb Schmreen is their friend, and he'll probably be there too. This episode runs 1:32:25, and is a diary of our time at a con, but is nowhere near all of the information we consumed there. Look for a blog post by Austin trying to take what's in his head and make it into words. If you like us, pass the word on. Thanks!


  1. Just when I had acclimated myself enough to your show to listen to it out in public without cackling like a maniac every 5 minutes I was reminded that i perhaps should not be allowed near peaople, ever. I was out on a walk listening to your show when you guys mentioned me by name in the podcast. I nearly tackled the closest person to me, a little old lady walking her dog, and forced my headphones into ears to make her listen to it. Sadly what prevented me from doing so was not a sense that this might be terrifying, but the realization that this person, being a stranger, would probably not be impressed by a podcast she has almost certainly never heard before mentioning a crazy person who she had not met before being assaulted by him.

  2. If we have any goals, one of them is most definitely to instill the need/desire to assault old ladies into our listeners while simultaneously giving them the mental and emotional mechanisms to stop themselves from doing so. This is a win for everyone involved.

    And thanks again man. We appreciate you sending it, and framing it up nice and pretty.