Wednesday, July 6, 2011

#041 - We Never Don't Hold Hands (with Andy Kirby)

Being 41 means we extend our circle of friends, and that means Andy Kirby joins us this week! Tweet at us through Twitter. Or email us through Facebook shows all the Listen Bitches songs we've picked. Fanoff hosts our show, and has a forum we use, and is totally awesome! Tumblr is our pretty place. Comic Booked posts our shows, and is where Andy Kirby hangs out and chills. Go chill on iTunes. We love it there.

Episode 41:
• Intro - Indiana Jones and the Hypoallergenic Pillow Fight; and Indiana Jones and the Relentless Jokes.
• Topic Thunder -Warren Ellis's new graphic novel gives you a job to do; Twitter shows us more news, this time about how DC might be dicks; and speaking of DC, they talked about Barbara Gordon again. Featuring Andy Kirby!
• Top 5 - Things Indiana Jones Did/Does That We Didn't Know About...Until Now.
• The Listen Bitches - More music to chill to. Andy Kirby picks "The Predatory Wasps of the Palisades Is Out to Get Us!" by Sufjan Stevens; Austin picks "Ride Ride Ride" by Vetiver; and David picks "Something Good Can Work" by Two Door Cinema Club. Now go. Dance!

David Hopkins and Austin Wilson never don't hold hands. They occasionally hold hands with other people, like Andy Kirby, who guested on this show! Thanks to Andy, who is our pal and confidant. This show runs 1:22:16, and is filled with Dance in all forms. Download us on iTunes to start your own slumber/dance party!


  1. Hey guys, great episode. I just had to react about the Batgirl freak-out everyone's been having. In 'Batman: the Return', Bruce shows Barbara his plans for her in the whole Batman inc team regrouping speech. He basically says she will become cyber batgirl they even show a picture of her in a new suit, with a bicicle behind her. Don't you just think she'll be the Batgirl in the internet 3.0? That way she doesn't have to be miraculously healed and the Killing Joke will still be in continuity...

    Don't worry, have trust in the reboot, they won't fuck up.


  2. Thanks, and thanks for listening Gerard!

    That internet 3.0 idea scares me because it seems like the creators might not be on the same page as editorial. In that message DC released about the relaunch they specifically said she was going to go through rehab, and that was one way her character would become more interesting. There is a chance he could be referring to some sort of virtual reality training where Barbara is mentally "activating" her atrophied muscles, but this has every chance of coming across as a cop-out, and a way for them to easily affect "soft change" with the character.

    The message also said that "The Killing Joke" would still be in continuity, so I'm not too worried there. More than anything I just want the decisions to be supported by well-written stories. My biggest fear, I guess, is that it might be impossible (for me, as a reader) to see anything they do as equally interesting as Barbara as Oracle.

    Thanks again for listening!