Wednesday, June 29, 2011

#040 - Two Magnificent Bastards Kick Furby Asses

Now that we're 40 we know for a fact that we aren't, and never will be normal. Tweet at us through Twitter. Or email us through Facebook runs the world. Fanoff hosts our show, and has a forum we use! Tumblr is our pretty place. Comic Booked posts our shows, so go show them some support. Download us on iTunes! Listen. Love.

Episode 40:
• Intro - Creepy sub-singing and awkward dancing; those Furby assholes; psychotic brothers; and gross names that we regret.
• Topic Thunder -More "Powers" TV casting news; Warner Brothers plans another Green Lantern movie apparently; new Captain America trailers are neat; and Grant Morrison saves the day!
• Interview - We interview rising star Kyle Morton, the artist of the graphic novel, "Husk: The Hollow Planet" written by Scott Thompson of "Kids In the Hall" fame! Check Kyle's work out, and keep your eyes open for him in the future!

• You Should Read This - "His Face All Red" by Emily Carroll, and "Ultimate Spider-Man: Volume 6: Venom" by Brian Michael Bendis and Mark Bagley.
• The Listen Bitches -You are taken on a musical journey this week, with three songs by two people! Austin picks "Rawnald Gregory Erickson the Second" by Starfucker (ugh), and David picks "The Next Time Around" and "Keep Me In Mind" from one of our favorite albums of all time, "Little Joy," by the band Little Joy.

David Hopkins and Austin Wilson promise they don't just think about hurting things all the time. They are quite loving, as well. This show runs 1:58:59 and has plenty of names you can call people, ready and waiting to be memorized. Download us on iTunes, and follow our madness!

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