Sunday, November 10, 2013

#155 - There Is No Curtain

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Ep. #155 - 

• Intro - We fail to mention that because our sound board fried itself, this episode was late. That's why, though. Thanks to our sponsors DCBS who are literally solely responsible for allowing us to buy a new board on incredibly short notice. Go buy your comics from them to tell them thank you from us.

• Topic Thunder - Thor 2 taught us a lot of things about gravity, sacrifice, and how the word "Josh" means "no" in Dark Elf language. Then we talk about some awful stuff happening in comics now, but are sure to say "allegedly" a lot. We ain't gonna' be litigated.

• Confessions - David watches a film everyone was sure would be horrible, and finds out it maybe isn't awful? Austin still needs to double check this. Then we discuss movies, and how pretty much every movie in the 80s was filled with hatred and homophobia, but for laughs!

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