Wednesday, November 27, 2013

#158 - Breaking the Snork Wall

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Ep. #158 - Breaking the Snork Wall

• Intro - Don't worry, our complete lack of comic book news and/or reviews means very little. You still get our specialty: weird references, filthy jokes, a hint of everlasting sadness, and jokes about our very respectful and wonderful sponsor DCBS, who give you at least 40% off everything on their website. If you're not bald, go to their store in Fort Wayne, Indiana (or if you are bald).

• Prompts & Circumstance - What was the weirdest cartoon we loved as kids? Furries and yiffing, and whether that is insanely reductive? What stories will be/are the most iconic for certain mainstream comic characters? How are we still talking about The Dark Knight rises film? Why does Austin hate mockumentaries so passionately? Darren Arronofsky's ouvre.

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