Wednesday, March 5, 2014

#171 - Pacific Feels

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Ep. #171 - Pacific Feels

• Intro - Muppet Babies. There ya' go. Our sponsors DCBS have everything on their website 40% off, and their store in Fort Wayne, IN has everything 35% off, although they have sales there where things are even more % off sometimes. This is all 100% true.

• Topic Thunder - Special guest Tim Gibson stops by, the creator of Moth City, to talk comics current events with us, as well as his own projects. He also forces us to talk about ourselves, which is painful and torturous.

• Read 'Em and Weep - We recorded an hour-long segment about multiple books, had some discussions that David and I were both very proud of, and happy to put out into the world. This obviously means when David went to export the file, it collapsed on itself Black Hole Style, and we lost the entire segment. Yay technology!

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