Friday, March 14, 2014

The Jon Adams & David Marquez Interview!

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The Jon Adams & David Marquez Interview!

• Intro - The recently released graphic novel The Joyners In 3D has been on the Hideous Energy radar for quite some time. Written by R.J. Ryan, illustrated by David Marquez, lettered and designed by Jon Adams, and 3D art assists by Tara Rhymes, it's a book you absolutely must hold in your hands. Head over to Discount Comic Book Services (DCBS) and check their site to see if the book is in stock, as it's been selling pretty quickly.

We chat with Jon and Dave about their art duties on the book, including how long it took to illustrate, letter, and render the 3D effects; Jon Adams admits he hated R.J. Ryan's script and murdered it while lettering the book (this is a joke, and will make more sense after you hear the interview). It's an interview focusing on design and production, though moments of discussion surrounding creativity pop up, along with how the guys deal with criticism of the book. Thanks to Jon and Dave for stopping by!

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